4th – 9th September 2018

4th – 9th September 2018

September 13, 2018 Golf Results 0

Tuesday 4th was Stroke Monthly Medal for 35 ladies with Division 1 won by Cheryl Hart with 88 Gross 71 nett Grade winner and also the monthly Medal Winner..  Runner up was  Bev Richard 72..Division 2 Gross went to Faye Miller with 100 and also runner up with 73.. Grade winner was Elizabeth Muir 73.. NTP’s went to Sharon Pyle 2nd and 8th..Putting went to Cheryl Hart with 31 putts Pro Pin was won by Bev Richard $29.00..

Wednesday 5th saw 79 members playing Stableford with Division 1 going to Denis Myers 39 followed by Michael Taylor 38  Robert Dishon was the Division 2 winner with 40 pts Runner up was Martin Studwick 37. Ronald Hayes took out Division 3 with 40 pts followed by Peter Cunningham with 38 pts.. NTP’s went to Ian Cameron 14th, Ray Watmore 18th, Pro Pin John Gradie $84..Mens Gold winner was Ronald Eaton with 41 pts followed by Laurence Rickard with 40 pts..

Saturday 8th was the Lions Charity day for 53 men and 42 ladies with Division 1 going to Petra Wilmot with 37 pts followed by Janyce Brown  36.. Jill Parker was the Division 2 winner with 38 pts with Robyn Taverna runner up 35.. NTP’s went to Cherryl Rossborough 2nd, Carol Irvine 17th..Mens Division 1 winner was Brian Wilson 39 pts followed by John Henry 37.. Ian Vize took out Division 2 with 37 pts runner up was Ronald Huy 36.. William Tendeson was  the Division 3 winner with 40 pts followed by Maxwell Harland 39.. NTP’s went to Brent Huckel 2nd, Malcolm McKenna 17th..

Sunday 9th was Stroke for the Ladies with Petra Wilmot taking the win with 69 NTP went to Jennie Hehir 14th.. Mens Monthly Medal on Sunday saw 65 men taking part with Division 1 Gross winner going to Michael Cooper with 74,, Grade and Monthly Medal went to John Henry with 68.. Runner up was Samuel Bakes 69,  Division 2 Gross winner was Greg Brookes  87.. Grade winner was Noddy Ireland with 69.. Runner up was Phillip Lovelace 70 Bruce Cavanaugh was the Division 3 Gross Winner with 93,, Grade winner was Peter Cunningham 69.. John Irvine was the runner up 70.. NTP’s went to Peter Bolt 2nd, Ray Watmore 14th..Gold winner was Graeme Sharp with 73..

Editorial by Jim Williams…