13th – 18th August 2019

13th – 18th August 2019

August 19, 2019 Golf Results 0

Tuesday 13th August saw 38 ladies playing Stableford that saw Jill Collins winning Division 1 with 38 pts followed by Kerry Conrad 34. Division 2 was won by Barbara Clark with 35 pts. Runner up was Marry Murdoch 33. NTP 14th went to Robyn Taverns,  NTP 18th went to Rhonda Constable, Eagles Nest went to Maxine Saddler Eagle Pres 15th.

Wednesday 14th saw 86 men playing Stroke from the White markers with Division 1 going to Paul Jones with 68 net followed by Alan Dalton 69. Ross Clark was the Division 2 winner with 69 net. Runner up was John Washbrook who had 70. Division 3 was won by Bill Brady who had 64 net followed by Barry Prideaux with 68. NTP 2nd went to Geoffrey Hans, NTP 8th and Pro Pin $88 went to Brad Davey. Mens Gold was won by Graeme Sharp 70 net followed by Ronald Eaton 72.

On Saturday 17th August we had 30 Ladies Stableford with Division 1 going to Denise Huy with 37 pts followed by  Sheree Geal 36 pts. Barbara Clark was the Division 2 winner with 40 pts Runner up was Gayle Blakey who had 36 pts. NTPs went to Helen Crilly 2nd, Denise Huy 17th.

54 members played Stableford with Division 1 won by Dale Gude with 37 pts. Steven Geal was runner up 36 pts. Peter Stokes Snr took out Division 2 with 34 pts on c/back from John Washbrook..Division 3 was won by Lindsay Bright with 37 pts on c/back from Alan Leggate. Ntp’s went to Peter Bolt 2nd, Shane Halogen 17th. A mystery Partner 444 Ball Stableford was played by mixing all the cards together and drawing them out with Terry Mullins and Ricky Bourke the winners with 45 pts, Runners up were Denis Glanville and Barb Clark also 45 pts, 3rd place went to Janie Hills and Mal McKenna   44 pts.

Sunday 18th saw 8 Ladies playing  Stableford with Di Mitchell taking the win with 37 pts. NTP went to Janyce Brown 2nd.

49 men played Stableford on Sunday with Division 1 won by Darren  Mitchell with 35 pts followed by Ben Kerr on ct/back. Philip  Cheesewright was the DIVISION 2 winner with 37 pts on c/back from Ian McFarlane. NTPs went to Wayne Boulton 2nd, Michael Cooper 18th.

Mens Gold winner was Ronald Eaton 37 pts, Graeme Sharp was runner up with 36 pts.

Editorial by Jim Williams from Kinka Beach in Qld.