8th – 13th October 2019

8th – 13th October 2019

October 16, 2019 Golf Results 0

On 8 October we had 41 ladies playing Stroke – Monthly Medal & Star Medal that saw Division 1 Gross going to Bobette Wilkinson with 87..Grade winner was Gale Byers with 75..Runner up went to Jo Boake 75. Division 2 Gross Winner went to Jan Taylor 105, Grade winner was Wendy Daley 74, Runner up was Yvonne Searle with 76. NTPs went to Noelene Duncomb 8th, Petra Wilmot 17th, STAR MEDALLIST WENT TO BOBETTE WILKINSON also was the Pro Pin winner on 2nd Cap. Putting went to Petra Wilmot 30 pts.

October 9th saw 99 men playing Stableford from the White markers with Bill Gerrard the DIVISION 1  winner with 37 on c/back from John Smith. DIVISION 2 was won by John Washbrook with 37 on c/back from John Hepworth. DIVISION 3 was won by Chris Hicks with 48 pts followed by Steve Bell with 41 pts. Billy Greig was the DIVISION 4 winner with 38 pts Runner up was Desmond Kicks with 37..NTP,s went to Doug Perrett  2nd, Patrick Boake 8th. Ricky Bourke Pro Pin $105.. Mens Gold was won by Graeme Sharp with 41 pts.

On Saturday we played Toc Tiger Stroke with plates and flags put in different positions. Ladies DIVISION 1 went to Denise Huy with 69. Runner up went to Susan Bull with 73.. Division 2 was won by Cheryl Rossborough with 77 followed by Margaret Varley 79. Ntps went to Helen Crilly 2nd, Anne Beveridge 17th.

Mens Division 1 was won by Andrew Neville with 70 on c/back from Doug Perrett.. DIVISION 2 was won by Ricky Bourke with 72 followed by Michael Sherlock with 73. Colin Venn was the DIVISION 3 winner with 68. Runner up was Neville Attrill with 69. NTPs went to Doug Perrett 2nd, Michael Cooper 17th, Eagles Nest went to Kyle Michel Captains 3rd.

On Sunday we had 12 ladies playing Stableford with the win going to Leanne Marshall who had 37 pts. NTP sent to 2nd. Eagles Nest sent to Janie Hills.

Mens Division 1 was won by Mark O’Brien with 37pts on c/back from Denis Myers. Chris Parsons was the DIVISION 2 winner with 43 pts followed by Rex Williams with 41 pts. Division 3 Winner was John Martin with 41 pts Runner up was Brice Cavanaugh with 35 pts. NTPs went to Ross Sidebottom 2nd, Colin McNamara 18th. Mens Gold winner was Graeme Sharp with 43 pts.

Editorial by Jim Williams