21st – 26th July 2020

21st – 26th July 2020

July 29, 2020 Golf Results 0

Tuesday 21 saw 26 ladies playing Stableford 444 Ball (single) card with Kerry Conrad and Cheryl Hart the winnin pair with 44 pts… In 2nd place was Nola Whiteford and Robyn Conrick with 43 pts.. 3rd place went to Beverley Campbell and Jill Loversidge also with 43  pts… 8 pairs Qualify RSeiter Timber Shield…

Wednesday 22 saw 80 members playing Stroke Net with Division 1 going to Mark O’Brien with 70..Runner up was Michael Cooper with 71..Division 2 Stroke  was won by Kevin Waller with 70..Tommy Keogh  was also 70..Division 3 went to Mitchell Driver with 61pts..Runner up sent to Clinton Knight with 71 pts..

Mens Gold Winner was Ronald Eaton with 76 pts..Runner up went to Allan Penny 81..

On Saturday 25th 41 ladies playing Par that saw Michelle Purtill the DIVISION 1 winner with 2 up..Runner up went to Kaye Sutton with 1 up.. Division 2 saw Heather Aston the winner with – 2.. 2nd place went to 

Di  Mitchell also with – 2.. Ladies Gold Winner was Mary McLean with -2..

 48  Members played Par  with Division 1going to Benjamin Lucas with 3 up.Runner up went to Kevin Waller who Had 2 up.. Division 2 was won by Allan Deluca with 2 up..Runner up went to Vene Mitchell who had 1 up..

Mens Gold winner was Allan Penny with -2…

Sunday 26th saw 18 ladies playing Stableford with the win going to Petra Wilmot with 42 Stableford on Sunday saw 60 members playing with Division 1 going to Kevin Waller with 39 pts..2nd place went to Paul Olsen with 38.. Division 2 was won by Steven Milner who had 39 pts.. John Washbrook was the Division  3 winner with 39 pts with Runner up going to Graham Owen who had 33 pts…Mens Gold winner was Douglas  McClelland with 27 pts…

Editorial by Jim Williams still at Ballner with Rain and wind. Saw some   Dolfins today…..