19th – 24th November 2019

19th – 24th November 2019

November 26, 2019 Golf Results 0

Last Sunday 4BBB Stroke was played with incorrect scores.: The correct scores were as follows: The winning pair were John Bradbury and Shane Halloran with 61.. Runners up were Graeme Fillippe and Vern Christensen who had 63…..

Tuesday 19 saw 50 ladies playing Par that saw Lynne Parry winning Division 1 with a great score of 5 up..Runner up went to Petra Wilmot who had 1 up.. Division 2 was won by Shirley Desailly with square..Carol Irvine also had square.. Pauline Wilson was the DIVISION 3 winner with 1 up.. Runner up was Yvonne Searle with sq.. NTP,s went to Petra Wilmot 18th, Denise Huy 8th, Jo Boake Pro Pin $52,,

Wednesday 20th saw 106 men playing Stableford with Division 1 going to Peter Taylor with 40 pts followed by Darren John who had 39.Stephen Nonneman was the DIVISION 2 winner with 38 pts  Runner up went to Phillip Tribolet with 36.. Neville Smith was the DIVISION 3 winner with 39 on c/back from John Wilson.. Kevin Dunn Jnr was the Division 4 winner who had 43 pts..Runner up went to Trevor Sutton with 39..NTP,s went to Fred Tyers 2nd..Philip Tribolet Pro Pin $110… Mens Gold Winners were Graeme Sharp 42 pts Runner up went to Allan Penny 37 pts..

On Saturday 23rd we had 43 ladies playing Stableford with Division 1 going to Jenny Edmanson who had 38 pts Bobett Wilkinson took out runner up with 37 pts. Division 2 sent to Barbara Clark with 36 pts Michelle Glanville was runner up with 34..NTP,s went to Lynne Parry 2nd, Libby Quick 18th..


We had 77 men playing Stableford with Division 1  going to Michael Keen with 41 pts..Runner up was Paul Olsen 40 pts..Division 2 was won by Jon Winchester 40 pts..Fred Rossborough took Runner up 37. Alex Booth son of our professional Rodney was the DIVISION 3 winner with 45 pts..Gerry Lawson took Runner up with 36..NTP,s went to Denis Garner 2nd,Brian Wilson 18th.. Mens Gold Winner was Allan Penny 37..

Par was played on Sunday 24th with 14 ladies playing with Elizabeth Muir taking the win with 3 up.. Janie Hills was the NTP winner on the 2nd..We had 93 men playing Par with Division 1going to Chris McKay with 4 up,,Runner up went to John Henry with 3 up..Jon Winchester was the Division 2 winner with 7 up followed by Patrick Boake 2 up..Division 3 went to Terry Mullins with 2 up on c/back from Graham Owen… Ntp,s went to Michael Keen 2nd, John Thompson 17th.. Mens Gold Winners were Douglas McClelland 6 up..Runner up was Graeme Sharp 1 up..

Editorial by Jim Williams..