12th – 17th November 2019

12th – 17th November 2019

November 19, 2019 Golf Results 0

On 12th November 53 Ladies played STBFD Monthly Medal with Division 1 going to Anne Beveridge with 37 pts..Runner up was Marie McLennan with 35. Division 2 was won by Jillian Allen with 39 pts who also won the Monthly Medal as well..Runner up went to Kathleen Williams who had 38..Division 3 was won by Pauline Gilbee with 35 pts followed by Dianne Bright with 34..NTP,s  went to Gale Byers 8th and also pro pin with $53, Margaret Fergeus 17th..

Wednesday 13th saw 110 men playing Stableford Blue Markers with Division 1 going to Rodney Booth 38 on C/back from Peter Taylor..Greg Brooks was the DIVISION 2 winner with 40 pts also on c/back from John Taylor.. Division 3 went to Joe Sacco who had 39 pts followed by Ian Taylor with 38 pts, Lindsay Bright won Division 4 with 39 pts on C/back from Terry Mullins..  NTP,s went to John Smith 14th, John Gradie 18th.. We had a mystery pro pin which went to the 2nd which was won by Paul Olsen $113..

Mens Gold was won by Ronald Eaton with 38 pts.Runner up went to Allen Penny with 37..

On Saturday 16th we had 46 Ladies playing Stableford with Division 1 going to Robyn Conrick with r 40 pts followed by Denise Huy e9 pts..Leone Mathews was the DIVISION 2 winner with 42 pts Runner up went to Ross Seymour 36..Division 3 went to Marian Ayres with 40 pts followed by Oliver Thompson 35..NTP,s went to Mary Murdoch 2nd, Oliver Thompson 17th 65 men played Stableford on Saturday with Division 1 going to William Matthews with 37 pts on c/back from Michael Cooper 37.. Michael Sherlock was the DIVISION 2 winner with 34 pts on c/back from Kevin  Morey 34…..

Division 3 went to Dean Moeller with 37 pts followed by Vene  Mitchell 33 pts.. NTP.s went to Michael Taylor 2nd,Michael Cooper 17th

On Saturday 16th we also played a silent partners game which was was won by L. Mathews/M. Glanville/B. Cavanagh/M. Sherlock who had 145 pts.In 2nd place was M. Cooper/J. Summerville/ K. Morey/M. McLennan with 137 pts..3rd place went to A Penny/S. Clark/W. Matthews/P. Richardson with 130 pts..

Sunday 17th saw 5 Ladies playing Stroke with Joy Francis from Portarlington taking the win with 78, In 2nd place was Petra Wilmot with 79..Leanne Marshall also had 79.

Mens 4BBB – Stroke was played today with Father and Son Ray and Greg Watmore taking the win with 69..in 2nd place was R.Sidebottom and R. Titchmarsh with 76.. 3rd place went to D. Myers and G Quick with 78..

Mens Gold Winner was Allan Penny with 36

Editorial by Jim Williams …