17th – 22nd March 2020

17th – 22nd March 2020

April 2, 2020 Golf Results 0

17th  March saw the Ladies playing Red Stableford Singles Knock round 1 with Division 1 going to Bev Richard who had 38 pts followed by Petra Wilmot with 37 pts..Division 2 was won by Nola  Whiteford who had 40 pts ..Runner up was Elizabeth Muir with 31 pts.. 

NTP,s went to Maxine Sadler 2nd, Sue Lawson 8th. Pro Pin went to Julie O,Brian with $40.00..

Wednesday 18th we played Paul,s Favourite Par with 99 players taking  part .Division 1 was won by Rob Anderson with 3 up.. Runner up went to Doug Perrett 1 up..Paul Aston was the Division 2 winner with 2 up.Runners up went to Bennie Benbow 1up..Division 3 went t o Albert Adams with 2up.Robert Burns took Runner up 1 up..Ronald Loversidge was the DIVISION 4 winner with 2 up..Runner up was Ed Brown Sq..

Ntp,s went to Ray Watmore 14th, Phillip Boulton 2nd, Bruce McCallum 8th..Pro pin Bryan McKenna $106..

Mens Gold Winner was  Ronald Eaton who had 2  Down  He was followed by Walter Atkins with 3 Down..

On Saturday 21st we had Pals Cobram Charity Day  Stableford with mixed Four Foursomes Semi Final   Ladies Division 1 went to

to Anne Beveridge with 38pts.. Runner up went to Kerri McKenna with 38.. Division 2 was won by Helen Young with 37..pts  Runner up was Jan Campbell 33 pts..

NTP.s went to Carol Irvine 2nd,Bev Richard 14th.. Ladies Gold Winner was Mary McLean w 34 pts..

Pals Cobram  Charity Day Mens   Stableford Blue  saw  55 players with Di vision 1going to Hugo Jankov who had 39 pts..Craig Thurston was runner up with 38  Division 2 was won by Denis Garner with 36 pts.Rod Buchmasser was 2nd with 33,, Phillip Cheesewright  was the DIVISION 3 winner with 37 pts Followed by Neil Bull 36

NTP,s went to Peter Bolt 2nd, Kevin Dunn 14th.. Mens Gold went to Alan Penny 36 pts..

Sunday 22nd saw 8 Ladies playing Stableford with Jo Boak taking the win with 31 pts.Ntp went to Helen Crilly 2nd..

86 members played from the white markers which Saw Division 1 going to Mark O,Brian with 38 pts followed by Michael Cooper 37 pts. Bennie Benbow was the DIVISION 2 winner with 38 pts  runner up was Bernard Clement with 38.. Division 3 went to Ray Hehir with 38 pts,,Runner up went to Alan Michalowsky 35 pts,,NTP,s went to Bennie Benbow 2nd, Sean Gledhill 17th..

Mens Gold went to Laurence Rickard 29 pts..Runner up was Ronald Eaton 25 pts,,,

Editorial by Jim Williams….