19th – 2th May 2020

19th – 2th May 2020

May 27, 2020 Golf Results 0

Tuesday 19th saw 62 ladies playing Stableford with Division 1 going to Jo Boak with 36 pts..Runner up was won by Petra Wilmot with 35 pts.. Division 2 went to Robyn Taverna with 36 pts..Runner up went to Patricia Small with 34 pts.. Division 3 was one by Shirley Desailly who had 35 pts..Eileen McGinn also had 35 pts.. Ladies Gold Winner was Mary McMahon with 40 pts..

Wednesday 20th  saw 93 members taking part with Division 1 going to Vern Christensen  with 38 pts In

 second place was Brett Milner with 36 pts .. Division 2 was won by Peter Quirk who had 37 pts..Runner up was also won by Fred Byers with 37..Graham Owen was the DIVISION 3 winner with 38 pts.EdBrown was runner up with 34 pts…. Mens Gold was won by Allan Penny with 34 pts…

Saturday 23rd  was Captains Ladies Stroke with 42 players taking part with Division 1 going to Pamela Richardson with 73..Runner up was Jean Somerville 77..Division 2 went to Libby Quick with  73..Elizabeth Muir was runner up with 77..

Mens Captains Stroke Blue saw 79 players taking part with Division 1 going to Carl Van DZeist with 73.. 2nd place went to Malcolm Hart with 74..Division 2 was won by Steven Milner who had 74..in 2nd place was Matthew Whelan with 75…. Mens Gold Winner was Alan Penny with 82..

Sunday 24th saw 18 ladies playing Stableford on the Presidents Course  with Cheryl Hart taking the win with 36 pts…

78 members played Stableford On the Presidents course with Stephen Naughton taking the DIVISION 1 win with 37 pts..Runner up was John Henry who had 35 pts John Clark was the Division 2 winner with 34 pts..Runner up was Peter Quirk who had 33 pts.. Division 3 was won by Peter Cunningham with a great score of 41 pts..Runner up was Alan Leggate with 33 pts.. Mens Gold Winner was Laurence Rickard with 33 pts..

Editorial by Jim Williams..