7th – 12th July 2020

7th – 12th July 2020

July 13, 2020 Golf Results 0

On Tuesday 7th July the Ladies played Stroke  Monthly Medal that saw 46 players attending with Petra Wilmot taking the Monthly Medal with 70..Division 1 Gross and Net went to Petra Wilmot  83/70.. Runner up went to Susan PPapas with 73.. Division 2 Gross went to Janyce Brown with 98/75..Nett winner was Gayle Edwards with 76..Ladies Gold Winner was Mary McLean with 76..

On Wednesday 8th the men played 4BBB Stableford from the Gold  Course o that saw Anthony Clement and Mark O,Brien the winners with 49 pts..Runners up went to Barry Prideaux and Stephen Noneman with 46 pts .

Saturday 11 saw 20 Ladies playing Stableford  with Division 1 going to Kaye Sutton with 34 pts.. Division 2 was won my Dianne Bright 34 pts..

Saturday 11th saw 55 members playing Stableford with Division 1 going to Michael Cooper with 37 pts,,Runners up went to Geoff Corbin who had 36..Division 2 was won by Leigh Strongman  with 36 pts  Wayne Pitts was runner up with 34 pts…Liam Purtill was the DIVISION 3 winner with 37 pts..Sean Drennan was runner up with 35 pts..  Mens Gold Winner was won by Allan Penny with 30pts.Runners up was Fred Tyers wwith 7 pts….

Sunday 12 saw 3 Ladies playing Par with Shelli Clark wining with 0..

48 men played Par with Division 1 going to John Thompson with 4 up..Runner up went to Ben Kerr with 3 up.. Division 2 was won by Devin Wilson with 4up runner up went to Bruce Cavanagh with 0.

Editorial by Jim Williams from Tenterfield ( long way away)..