17th – 21st November 2020

17th – 21st November 2020

November 24, 2020 Golf Results 0

Tuesday 17 saw  46 ladies playing Par with Division 1 going to Roslyn Seymour with 2 up..Runer up went to Jill Collins with  – 1down.. Division 2 was won by Libby Quick with 1 up..Jill Loversidge was runner up with 1 up..Ladies Gold went to Cherryl  Rossborough with1up..

Wednesday 8th saw Mens Gold going to Ronald Eaton with 37 pts

Mens Presidents had 111 players with Division 1 going to Michael Taylor with 40 pts..Runner up went to Darren John also with 40 pts Division 2 went to Kevin Waller with 39 pts.. Ross Clark was Runner up with 36 pts.. Division 3 was won by Ricky Bourke with 40 pts..Runner up went to 39 pts.. Division 4 was won by  John Taverna with41 pts.. Runner up went to Lionel Thurtell with  39 pts…

Friday the 20th had 6   members  playing Stableford with the winner going to Matthew Wright from Numerkah with 37 pts…

Saturday 21 Saw 61 players playing the Doug Pocknee 70th Bth Day Stableford with  Division 1 going to Michael Cooper with 39 pts.. Mat McCleod was runner up with 39 pts,,Division 2 went to Rod Buchmasser with r1 pts.. Runner up was Steven Milner with 38 pts.. Ian McFarlane was the Division 3 winner with 40 pts Douglas Carney was runner up with 35 pts… in

Division 1 ladies winner was Kerry Conrad with 41 pts,,Division 2 went to Jill Loversidge with 43 pts.. Ladies Gold went to Cherryl Rossborough with 32 pts…..

 November 22 November saw 44 members playing Par on the Presidents cause with Divison 1 won by Greg  Brooks with 4 up Runner up went to Steve Naughton with 3 up..Division 2  was won by Liam Purtil with 6 up..   

Sel Corcoran was runner up with 2 up… Division 3 was won by Peter Cunningham  with 2up.. Runner up was Clinton Knight with 0.. Ladies played Par with 5 ladies Taking part..with Olivia Thompson the winner with  – 1..