20th December 2020 – 3rd January 2021

20th December 2020 – 3rd January 2021

January 4, 2021 Golf Results 0

Tuesday 29 saw Ladies And Men playing Stableford with Division 1 going to Patricia Small with 42 pts..Runner up went to Sheree Geall with 39 pts..Division 2 went to Elizabeth Muir with 37 pts Runner up was Shirley Desailly with 36 pts..

31 Men played as well with 31 members taking part with Division 1 going to young Alex Booth with 39 pts followed by Anthony Clement with 38 pt. Division 2 was won by Andrew little  with 41 pts..Runner up went to Matthew Wallace with 39 pts..

Wednesday 30th saw Lindy Cooper taking the win with 1up playing Par.. 134 members played Par with Division 1 going to Brett Baring with 3 up.. David Wilson was runner up with  2 up..Division 2 went to Peter Webb with 3 up..Marcus Holdsworth took Runner up with 2 up..Bennie Benbow Was the DIVISION 3 winner with 4 up folfollowedowed by Norm Brosnan with 3 up.. Division 4 was won by Marika Saisal with 4 up.. Ronald Eaton was the Gold Winner with -1…

Saturday 02 saw 34 ladies playing Par with Division 1 going to Noelene Duncomb with 3 up.. Julie O’Brien was runner with 2 up..Division 2 was won by Wendy  Thompson with10 up..Runner up was Emilia Ruigrok 5.. NTP,s went to Leanne Marshall, 2nd Pres..Libby  Quick 18 pres..

The white  course was played by the men with 59 taking part with Division 1 going to Hugo Jankov with 4 up followed by Colin Holdsworth with 2up..3rd place went to Malcolm Hart with 2 up ..Division 2 went to Pat Boake with 5 up followed by Albert Adams with 4 up.. Denis Garner was in 3 rd place with 2 u.  Division 3 went to Ed Brown with 2 up followed by David Webb with 0..Peter small with 0 also.. Mens Gold was Douglas McClelland with 39..

The captains was played on Sunday with Ladies win going to Leather Aston with 42 pts.. Runner up was Janie Hills  40 pts.

86 Mens Captains was played on Sunday with Division1 going to Matthew McLeod with 42 pts followed by Adam Purtill 41 pts third

 Place was Michael Cooper with 41 pts..Division 2 went to Peter Stokes with 39 pts 2nd place was Del Corcoran 39   39d place was John Sim 38.Division 3 winner went to Phillip Dungan with 37 pts Philip Cheeswright with 36 pts 3third place was Garry Zabenko with 35.. Ntps went to Peter Bolt 2nd  Darren Mitchell 17th..