22nd – 27th December 2020

22nd – 27th December 2020

January 4, 2021 Golf Results 0

Tuesday 22 saw 16 ladies playing Stableford with Sandra Williams winning with 41 pts. Runners up went to Carol Irvine with 37 pts..Division 2 was won by Robyn Benbow with 36 pts ..Libby Quick was runner up with 36 pts..

Wednesday 23rd saw 106 members playing Stableford with Division 1 going to Caleb Bovalina with 40 pts  Runner up went to Dale Casley with 39 pts..Division 2 went to Hugo Jankov with 37 pts Runner up up was Murray Chapman who had 36 pts..Division 3 went to John Wilson with 37 pts followed by Ray Bailey with 36.. Division 4 saw Barry Lacy with 41 pts..Runner up went to Alan Michalowsky with 40 pts.. 

Mens Gold winner went to Graeme Shark with 38pts..

Saterday 26 was mens Stableford with  Division 1 won by Ian Armed Jen with 39 pts.. Runner up was Carl Van Deist with 39 pts also.. Division 2 went to Junier Alex Booth with 38 pts..Runner up went to Paul Aston with 38 pts..

16 Ladies played Stableford with Jill Collins the winner with 37 pts..

Sunday 27th had 4 ladies playing with Heather Astlon the winner with 35 pts..Runner up went to Lynne Parry with 35 pts..

70 members ,played Stableford from the Blue markers with Tommy  Keogh runner up with 39 pts..Runner up went to Kevin  Dunn with 3i pts..Division 2 went to Tyson Freeman with 42 pts. Runners up sent to Bruce Cavanagh with 38 pts..Division 3 went to Peter Cunningham with 42 pts.. Runners up was won by Mark Davies 37 pts..

Editorial by Jim Williams…