1st – 6th January 2019

1st – 6th January 2019

January 7, 2019 Golf Results 0

1st Jan saw 14 Ladies playing Stableford with Leanne Marshall taking the win with 41 pts. NTP’s went to Kathleen Williams 2nd and 17th.

28 men played Stableford with Division 1 won by Peter Bolt taking the win with 41 pts. Vene Mitchell (Jerilderie GC) was the Division 2 winner with 40 pts. NTP’s went to Peter Bolt 2nd, Stephen Conrick 17th.

Wed 2nd saw 88 men playing 4BBB Stableford Medley with John Taylor/Seth Howell taking the win with 50 pts, in second place was John Hepworth / Neville Smith with 48 pts on c/back from Ronald Huy / Joe Sacco and Taylor Michael/Jonathon Munro. NTP’s went to David Donchi 2nd, Stephen Naughton 14th, Andrew Storer 18th.

Saturday 5th we saw 32 Ladies and 68 Men playing Par Medley with Ladies Di Mitchell (Jerilderie GC) taking Division 1 with 2 up followed by Cheryl Hart Sq. Jennie Hehir was the Division 2 winner with 1 up on c/back from Mary Murdoch. NTP’s went to Ally Stokes 2nd, Janie Hills 18th. Men’s Division 1 winner from the white markers was Brett Stanyer (Yering Meadows GC) with 2 up on c/back from Colin Holdsworth. Division 2 was won by Peter Hackett with 7 up from David Love 5 up. NTP’s went to Shaun Bryant 2nd, Brian Wilson 18th. Men’s Gold winner was Allan Penny 2 down.

Sunday 6th saw 15 ladies playing Stroke with Division Overall going to Ann Clement 68. Men’s Stroke Gold went to Graeme Sharp 70 followed by Laurence Rickard 70. Men’s Monthly Medal Stroke saw Darren John taking the win with 63 nett. Division 1 Gross and Grade winner was Darren John71/63. Runner up went to Geoffrey Quick 69. Division 2 Gross and Runner up was Stephen Naughton 88/73. Grade winner was Alan Michalowsky 71. Division 3 Gross winner was Graham Owen 100; Grade winner was Douglas McClelland 74. Runner up was Graham Owen 77. NTP’s went to Graham Owen 2nd, David Donchi 17th.

Editorial by Jim Williams.