9th – 13th July 2019

9th – 13th July 2019

July 15, 2019 Golf Results 0

On Tuesday 9th the Ladies played 4 BBB Stableford with the winning pair being Barbara Clark and Jenni Corcoran with 43 pts. In second place was Nola Whiteford and Margaret Varley 39 pts NTP’s went to Carmel Butcher 2nd, Susan Papas 17th. Pro pin was split between Di Mitchell and Rhonda Constable.

Wednesday 10th saw the men playing 4BBB Stroke (White) with the winning pair being Carl Van Zeist and Sean Gledhill with 63. On Count back also with 63 was Phillip Dungan and Mark O’Brien. On 64 was Ian Taylor and John Irvine. NTP’s went to Sean Gledhill 8th, Carl Van Zeist 18th. Pro pin went to Kevin Cooper $81. Men’s 4BBB Gold winners were Ron Eaton and Laurence Rickard with 67.

Saturday we played 4 person Stableford Medley (Best 3 scores) with Leanne Marshall, Peter Bolt, Michael Cooper, Kevin Cooper taking the win with 119. In second place was Neil Bull, Carmel Butcher, Mark O’Brien, Julie O’Brien who had 111. NTP, went to Sally Schott 2nd, Graeme Brierley 2nd, Paul Olsen 17th.