3rd – 8th September 2019

3rd – 8th September 2019

September 10, 2019 Golf Results 0

On Tuesday 3rd the Ladies played Monthly Medal Stroke – Putting Gross.

Division 1 went to Helen Crilly who had who was the Gross and Grade winner with 85/73, Runner up was Shellei Clark with 75. Division 2 Gross and Monthly Medal was Jenni Corcoran with 90/65, Runner up was Robyn Benbow with 76. NTPs went to Helen Crilly 14th, Petra Wilmot 18th Pro Pin was Faye Miller with $35, Putting Comp was won by Helen Crilly.

Wednesday 4th saw 78 players playing Stableford with Division 1 won by Sean Gledhill with 40 pts followed by John Smith with 38. Ross Clark was the Division 2 winner with 41 pts Runner up was Chris Hicks 38. Division 3 went to Vince Gallo with 37 on count back from Ian McFarlane. NTPs went to Carl Van Deist 8th, Brian Eddy 14th.. Pro Pin Phillip Tribolet $81 2nd Capt. Mens Gold Winners were Ronald Eaton 39 followed by Graeme Sharp 38.

Saturday 7th saw 45 ladies playing in the Lions Charity Day with Division 1 going to Gayle Blakey with 38 pts followed by Janie Hills 36. Division 2 went to Margaret Varley with 38 pts on c/back from Beverly Campbell 38. NTPs went to Susan Hawe 2nd, Robyn Conrick 18th. 56 Members played Stableford Charity Day from White markers. Division 1 was won by Rob Anderson with 40 pts on c/back from John Thompson. Rod Buchmasser was the Division 2 winner with 47 pts followed by Bruce Cavanaugh 36 pts. ED Brown was the DIVISION 3 winner with 35 pts Brian Rooney was runner up up with 34. NTPs went to Denis Prosser 2nd, John Washbrook 18th, John Thompson Eagles Nest Caps  6th. Mens Charity Stableford Gold winner was Allan Penny 30.

13 Ladies played Stroke on Sunday with Nat Beard taking the win with 69 on c/back from Rowena Wallace 69.

59 men played Stroke Monthly Medal on Sunday with Division 1 Gross and Runner up went to Michael Cooper with 72/73,, Grade winner was Hugo Jankov with 72. Division 2 went to Ross Clark with Gross 84, Grade and MONTHLY MEDAL winner with 68. Division 3 went to John Gradie with Gross and Grade  with 91/69, Runner up was Alan Michalowsky 71. NTPs went to Ray Way more 2nd, Mens Gold Winner was  Douglas McClelland 68.

Editorial by Jim Williams.