20th – 22nd September 2019

20th – 22nd September 2019

September 23, 2019 Golf Results 0

Tuesday 19th we had the Ladies Foursomes Championships that saw the Gross Win going to Rhonda Constable and Sue Papas with 91/48 139..Gross Runners up were Kerri McKenna and Lynne Parry with 94/45 139 c/back. Nett Winners were Maree Doyle and  Libby Quick with 156 h/cap 33 nett 111.75. Nett Runners up were Di Mitchell / Kath Williams 148. H/cap 22 114,25.. NTP,s went to Petra Wilmot & Helen Crilly 2nd Pres. Denise Huy & Wendy Bedford Pro Pin 8th, Kerry Conrad & Cheryl Hart 18th.

Wednesday 18th September the men played Stableford with Division 1 going to Mark O,Brian with 40 pts on c/back from Brian Milligan.. Division 2 was won by Terry Stokes with 38 pts also on c/back from Stewart Crawford 38..John Hepworth was the DIVISION 3 winner with 39 pts followed by Darrell Wilson also on 39..Sol Zolnierczyk was the DIVISION 4 winner with 36 pts.. NTP 8th went to Kevin Dunn ,, NTP 17th went to Denis Gorman..Pro Pin went to John Smith $106..

Saturday 21st saw 40 ladies playing Par with Division 1 won by Michelle Purtill 2 up followed by Kathey Garnaut with 1 up..Division 2 winner was Margaret Varley with 1 down..Runner up was Beverley Campbell 2 Down..NTP,s went to Beverley Campbell 2nd, Kathy Garnaut 18th…

Mens Division 1 winner was Matthew Young with 4 up followed by Kevin Waller who had 3 up..Division 2 went to Wayne Youlton 4 up followed by Jim Williams with 3 up..Fred Byers was the Division 3 winner with 4 up on  c/back from ED Brown,,, NTP,s went to Hehir Ozdilek 2nd, Wayne Youlton 18th..Mens Par Gold was won by Allan Penny 5up followed by Kevin Morey 4 up..

Sunday 22 saw 10 ladies playing Stableford with Janyce Brown taking the win with 39 pts..NTP went to Leanne Marshall 2nd..

Mens Stroke – Star Medal was played with 68 members taking part with Division 1 going to Greg Brooks with 67 on count back from Darren Mitchell.. Division 2 went to Ian Vise with 70 followed by Matthew Whiting 71, Greg Harmes was the DIVISION 3 winner with 72 Neville Attrill was runner up with 74,,.. STAR MEDAL WAS WON BY DARREN MITCHELL.. NTP,s went to Ben Kerr 2nd, Greg Brooks 17th..

Mens Stroke Gold winner was Graeme Sharp with 70 on c/back from Ronald Eaton…

EDITORIAL BY Jim Williams,,,