15th – 20th October 2019

15th – 20th October 2019

November 15, 2019 Golf Results 0

On 15th October the ladies played Irish 4 Ball 3 best scores to count that saw Di Mitchell,Marie McLennan,Linda Forsyth and Yvonne Searle taking the win with 114 pts followed by Cherryl Rosborough , Sharon Pyle, Susan Pappas and Margaret Anderson with 111 pts.. NTP,s went to Noelene Duncomb 2nd, Sharon Pyle 2nd,, Jean Somerville Pro Pin$52..

Wednesday 16th saw 75 men playing Par from the Blue Markers with Division 1 going to Malcolm Hart with 4 up followed by John Smith with 3up..Kevin Patman was the DIVISION 2 Winner with 1 up followed by Robert Dishon with 1 up..Desmond Kucks the DIVISION 3 winner with 1 up..John Caroll was Runner up also with 1up.. NTP,s went to Caleb Bovalina 2nd, Alan Michalowsky 17th.. Mens Gold went to Raymond Godkin with 4 up..

19th October saw 37 ladies playing Stableford with Division 1 going to Marie McLennan with 37 pts followed by Denise Huy with 35..Barbara Clark was the Division 2 winner with 36 pts..Linda Forsyth was runner up with 34..NTP,s went to Dawn Navel 2nd, Michelle Purtill 18th.. 63 men played Stableford Blue with Division 1 won by Ian Vise with 36 pts followed by Mark O,Brian with 36 pts.. Division 2 went to Michael Rossborough with 39 pts followed by Denis Garner with 36 pts..Paul Sutton was the DIVISION 3 winner with 43 pts..Runner up was Vene Mitchell with 36..NTP.s went to Ryan Haywood 2nd, Darren Mitchell 18th..

 72 men played Stableford from the white markers on Sunday that saw Division 1going to Ross Clark  with 41 pts Ross Sidebottom took Runner up with 40 pts.. Paul Aston was the Division 2 winner with 37 pts followed by John Washbrook with 35 pts..Division 3 went to Neville Attrill with 41 pts

 William Tendeson was runner up with 34 pts.. NTP,s went to Stephen Naughton 2nd..Paul Olsen 17th.. Mens Gold Winner was Graeme Sharp with 40 pts…

Editorial by Jim Williams from Griffith…