5th – 10th May 2020

5th – 10th May 2020

May 14, 2020 Golf Results 0

On Tuesday 5th 50  ladies played Stableford which saw Division 1win going to Julie Penny with 37 pts..Runner up went to Kerry Conrad with 36 pts..Jean Sommerville was the DIVISION 2 winner with 36 pts followed by Jill Collins with 35 pts..Olivia Thompson was the DIVISION 3 winner with 38 pts followed by Faye Miler with 35 pts..Ladies Gold was won by Pauline Gilbee with 32 pts…

Wednesday 6th saw 46 members playing on the Presidents Course with Adam Purtill taking the win in Division 1 with 37 pts Runner up went to Michael Cooper with 36 pts.. Division 2 was won by Pat Tassone with 39 pts..Runner up went to Jim Williams with 38 pts.. 53 members played on the Captains Course with Brett Molinar winning Division 1 with 43 pts..Runner up went to Paul Jones with 36 pts..Division 2 went to Allan Celica  with 39 pts..Runner up was won by John Bradbury wit 37 pts.. Division 3 went to Philip Cheesewright with 36 pts..Runner up went to Graham Owen 33 pts.. Mens Gold Winner was Allan Penny with 31 pts..

On Saturday 9th saw 6 ladies playing on the Stableford course with Julie Penny taking the win with 34 pts..Captains course winner was Kerri McKenna with 31 pts..

Mens Stableford on the Presidents Course saw 15 members with the win going to Michael Cooper the winner with 0.4. 17 players on the Captains course with  Mark O.Brien  the winner with 39 pts..Division 2 went to Ian Cameron with 33 pts.. Mens Gold Winner was Allan Penny..

On 10th May we had 13 Ladies playing Stableford with Pamela Richardson the winner with 35 pts.. 9 ladies played on the Captains course with the win going to Janie Hills with 37 pts

49 men played Stableford on the Captains course with Division 1 going to Colin Holdsworth with 38 pts.. Runner up was Phillip Tribolet was runner up with 36..Division 2 was won by Ricky Bourke who had 38 pts..John Harmer was runner up with 34 pts… Mens Gold Winner was Douglas McClelland with 24 pts…

Editorial by Jim Williams….