23rd – 27th September 2020

23rd – 27th September 2020

September 29, 2020 Golf Results 0

Wednesday 23 saw 64 members playing Mens 2 Person AGG Stableford with the winners going to Graeme Brierley and Murray  Chapman with 71pts..Runners up were Dale Casley and Benjamin Lucas with 71pts.. 3rd place went to Graeme Filippe and Denis Myers with 70pts..

Friday 25 was the Start of our Spring Tournament with the ladies 

P laying Stableford..  Division 1 was won by Julie Penny 8th 32 pts..Division 2 went to Casey Chandler with 32 pts..Mens Division 1 Stableford was won by John Schaeche with 37 pts..Division 2 was won by Ronald Huy with 39 pts..

Saturday 26 was Mixed 4 BALL Par with the win going to Michelle Purtill

 And Liam Purtil, with 9plus..Runners up went to Rod Buchmasser and Olivia Thompson with 8 up  third place was Paula and Sean Gledhill with 7 up.

Sunday was Ladies and Mens Stableford with Ladies win going to Casey  Chandler and Wendy Bedford with 47 pts..Runners up were Kate and Michelle Purtill with 44 pts, 3rd place went to Janie Hills and Kerry Conrad will 42 pts..

Mens 4BBB Stableford went to Rod Buchmasser and Phil Nunn with 47 pts..Runners up were won by Graeme Filippe and David Webb with 46 pts, 3rd place went to Allan Penny and Fred Byers with 36 pts,.

Editorial by Jim Williams…