30th March 2019

30th March 2019

April 3, 2019 Golf Results 0

Saturday 30th saw Ladies Division 1 going to Leanne Marshall with 37 pts followed by Margaret Varley who had 34 pts. Division 2 went to Anne Brown with 36 pts with runner up Elizabeth Muir 31 pts. NTP’s went to Jo Boake 2nd, Leanne Marshall 18th.

Men’s Division 1 was won by Malcolm McKenna with 37 pts followed by Lyndon Bailey 35 pts. Division 2 went to Mike Sherlock 38 pts Philip Cheesewright was 2nd with 37. Neville (Nifty) Attrill was the Division 3 winner with 37 pts Runner up was Bill Brady 34. Men’s Gold went to Alan Penny 33 pts.

Sunday 31st saw 9 ladies playing Stableford with Lindy Cooper the winner with 36 pts runner up was Helen Crilly 33. NTP was Petra Wilmot. WE had 52 men playing on Sunday with Division 1 going to Stephen Naughton with 37 pts. Followed by Adam Purtill 36. Division 2 was won by Phillip Tribolet 39 runner up was Michael Keen 35. Division 3 went to Neville Attrill 31 pts on c/back from Leonard Redfern. NTP’s went to Jason Kerr 2nd, Brent Huckel 17th. Men’s Gold Winner was Graeme Sharp with 41 pts followed by Douglas McClelland 37.

Editorial by Jim Williams.