7th August – 12th August 2018

7th August – 12th August 2018

August 14, 2018 Golf Results 0

Tuesday 7th saw 35 ladies playing Stroke Monthly Medal/Putting/Best Gross  Division 1 winners were Gross and Runner up  Rhonda Constable 91..  Grade winner was Sharon Pyle 76.. Division 2 Gross winner went to Faye Miller 101,, Division 2 Grade and Monthly Medal was won by Maree Doyle 73..Runner up was Mary McLeay who had 75.. NTP’s went to Lindy Cooper 2nd, Jenni Corcoran 8th, Pro Pin Sharon Pyle 17c, Putting Comp Gale Tyers 28 putts…

Wednesday 8th saw 48 members playing Stableford from the Blue Markers that saw Division 1 going to Colin McNamara with 43 pts followed by Ray Watmore 39.. Geoffrey Gartner was the Division 2 winner with 39 pts with runner up going to Richard Jordan 38..NTP’s went to Ray Watmore 18th, Norm Brosnan 14th,, Eagles Nest went to Geoffrey Gartner on Presidents 11 th.. Mens Gold winner was Laurence Rickard with 36 pts followed by Ronald Eaton 33 pts..

On Saturday we had 68 members playing 4 BBB Stableford Medley – Legacy Day that saw Ross and Shellei Clark taking the win with 43 pts on c/back from Claire Perston and Doug Perrett… NTP’s were won by Ross Clark 2nd, Brent Huckel 17th, Helen Crilly 2nd, Anne Collis 17th..

Sunday 12th saw 15 ladies playing Par with Kerry Conrad taking the win with 1 up.. NTP went to Helen Crilly 2nd.. We had 56 men playing that saw Division 1 going to Peter Bolt with 2 up on c/back from Tony Kelly..John Bradbury was the Division 2 winner with 3 up Michael Keen took runner up with 2 up.. Division 3 went to Bruce Cavanaugh who with 4 up with Joe Sacco following with -1.. NTP’s went to Noddy Ireland 2nd, Peter Bolt 17th.. Mens Gold winners were Ronald Eaton Sq followed by Laurence Rickard 1 Down..

Editorial by Jim Williams back in Tocumwal…