16th – 22nd April 2019

16th – 22nd April 2019

April 23, 2019 Golf Results 0

16th April saw 44 ladies playing Stableford with Division 1 going to Kerry Conrad with 36 pts on c/back from Nola Stacey. Jan Taylor was the Division 2 winner with 37 pts followed by Shirley Desailly with 36. Division 3 went to Nat Beard with 36 pts with runner up taken by Eileen McGill 35. NTP’s went to Petra Wilmot 2nd, Gayle Edwards Pro Pin $45. Carol Irvine 17th April saw 63 men playing Stableford from the white markers with Division 1 going to Kevin Clark with 40 pts followed by John Thompson 39. Terry McMahon was the Division 2 winner with 41 pts closely followed by Joe Sacco 36. Neville Attrill was the Division 3 winner with 43 pts runner up went to Leonard Redfern 38. NTP’s went to Jordon Geisler 2nd, Ross Sidebottom 17th. Men’s Gold winner was Ronald Eaton with 40 pts followed by Graeme Sharp with 30.

Friday 19th was the 1st of our Easter Tournament with 100 ladies playing Stableford taking part with Division 1 going to Linda Winterbourne with 38 pts followed by Margaret Whitmore 37, Division 2 went to Barb Chappell with 42 pts runner up was Francis Joy with 38. Leanne Macintyre was the Division 3 winner with 43 pts followed by Lauris Weegberg 38. NTP’s went to Dale Palun 2nd, Jenny Bauerle 17th. We had 150 men playing Stableford on Friday with Division 1 going to Stephen Naughton with 40 pts on c/back from Darren Tyrrell. Division 2 was won by Simon Mullumby with 40 pts runner up was Philip Tribolet 39. Division 3 was won by John Ingram with 38, followed by Alan Herbert 38. NTP’s went to Ian Martin 2nd,

Saturday was Mixed 4BBB Par Comp 2 with John and Carol Muir taking the win with 10 up 2nd place was Lance and Leah Boyd 9 up, 3rd place was David Fell and Weka Tarr with 8 up. Mixed 4BBB Par Comp 3 went to D & T Tyrrell with 11 up. 2nd place was S & G White with p up on c/back from D & F Booth.

Donovan Lee from Commonwealth GC shoots a great score of 9 under. Donovan has been here from Singapore since October and in 3 weeks he has to leave to be back in Singapore for Military Service.

On Sunday we had Ladies and Men’s Stroke with Ladies Division 1 won by Kim Morris with 77. Nett winners were Cheryl Stockdale and Margaret Whitmore with 71, Division 2 winner was Enid Bain 90, Nett Winners were Sandra Marshall 72, Janise Owen 73, Division 3 winner was Lisa Robinson 104, Nett Winners were Rita Gazzola 73, Caitlin Doble 74. Men’s Stroke Division 1 Gross was won by Donovan Lee from (Commonwealth GC) with a great score of 64 9 under Nett winners were Anthony Clement 68, Darren Tyrrell 69, Division 3Gross went to Graeme Rowney 95, Nett winners were Jeffrey Innes 70, Russell Dower 74.

Monday was 4BBB Stableford for the last day of the tournament with Ladies win going to Dale Palun and Susan Staddon 45 on c/back from Glenda Clarke and Margaret Labb. Men’s 4BBB winners were Peter Elvey and Darren Duckworth45 on c/back from Ray Watmore and Terry Mullins.

Editorial by Jim Williams.