14th – 19th May 2019

14th – 19th May 2019

May 20, 2019 Golf Results 0

Tuesday 14th May saw the start of the Ladies Club Championships with Division 1 won by Bobette Wilkinson with 87 gross/74 net, Grade winner was Julie Penny 72, Division 2 Gross/ /Runner up was Sharon Pyle 95/73 Grade winner was Joan Burns 73. Division 3 winner was Nat Beard with 108 Gross/Runner up 78. NTP’s went to Shellei Clark 2nd, Sandra Williams 8th Noelene Duncomb Pro Pin $54.

Wednesday 15th we had 111 men playing Stableford with Division 1 going to Adam Purtill with 38 pts, Runner up was Brent Huckel 37, Bennie Benbow was the Division 2 winner with 37 followed by Phillip Dungan 36, Terry McMahon was the Division 3 winner with 39 pts r/up was Lou Richard 37, Division 4 was won by Frank Manson (St. Michaels GC) 40 R/up was Lindsay Jones 35. NTP’s went to Mark O’Brien 2nd, Doug Pocknee 8th, Freddy Barton Pro Pin 18th $115. Men’s Gold winner was Laurence Rickard 36.

Saturday 18th saw 46 ladies playing Stableford. Division 1 saw Denise Huy with 40 pts followed by Carol Irvine 36, Division 2 went to Val Watmore 35 r/up was Nat Beard 33 NTP’s went to Roslyn Hughes 2nd, Susan Hawe 18th.

Men’s 2nd and 3rd round of our Club Championships were played Saturday and Sunday that saw Caleb Bovalina extending his lead in Division 1 with 68/ 65 and 70 for a total of 203. Michael Cooper was in 2nd place with 77/ 78/76 for a total of 231.in 3rd place is Peter Bolt with79/ 75/79 for a total of 233. Division 2 winners are Tommy Keogh with 91/91/93 total 275 Second place is Denis Garner with 98/94/89 total 281 Also in 3rd place is Jeffrey Conrad 94/95/92 281. Division 3 winners are Bruce Cavanaugh102/95/106 total 303 Gerry Lawson is 2nd with 108/98/100 306. Joe Sacco is 3rd with 108/102/101 total 311.

Ladies Stableford winners were Susan Bull with 39 pts. NTP 2nd Shellei Clark. Men’s Gold Winners were Laurence Rickard 66, Douglas McClelland 82 Graeme Sharp 85.

Editorial by Jim Williams.