21 – 26 May 2019

21 – 26 May 2019

May 29, 2019 Golf Results 0


Tuesday 21st saw the Ladies playing Stroke with Julie Penny taking the win in Division 1 with 74 followed by Petra Wilmot 75. Division 2 went to Robyn Conrick with 72 Sue Hawe took runner up 75, Elizabeth Quick was the Division 3 winner with 68 r/up went to Denise Baldwin 76. NTP’s went to Joan Burns 2nd, Sue Hawe 17th.

Wednesday 22nd saw 114 men playing Par with Division 1 going to David Purtill who had 6 up followed by Mark O’Brien with 1 up. Benjamin Bonwic had 2 up followed by Jim Williams also 2 up. Division 3 went to Wayne Youlton with 3 up on c/back from Matthew Wilson. Division 4 was won by Brian Rooney with 1 up r/up went to John Carroll sq. NTP’s went to Brad Davey 8th, Jim Williams 17th. Men’s Gold went to Allan Penny with 2 up on c/back from Laurence Rickard.

Saturday 25th saw 39 ladies and 55 men playing Stableford with Division 1 going to Cheryl Hart with 36 pts followed by Rosanne Emery 33, Di Mitchell was the Division 2 winner with 37 with r/up going to Glenda Culley 36, NTP’s went to Di Mitchell 8th, Jo Boake 18th. Men’s Division 1 was won by Bruce McCallum with 38 pts followed by Daniel Nichols 37. George Martin was the Division 2 winner with 38 pts r/up went to Norm Brosnan with 37. Division 3 went to Kevin Morey with 37 pts followed by Bill Brady 33. NTP’s went to Denis Garner 8th, Ben Kerr 18th. Men’s Gold winner was William Freestone 36 followed by Allan Penny 33.

Sunday 26th saw the end of our Club Championships that saw Caleb Bovalina with a h/cap of +2.4 (+3) taking the win in Division 1 for the 3rd time with scores of 68,65,70,71 274. Runner up was Peter Bolt with 79,75,79,76 309.

Division 1 Nett went to Ben Kerr with 295 followed by David Purtill 295. Division 2 Gross winners were Tommy Keogh 364 followed by Denis Garner 371. Division 2 Nett went to Robert Burns 300 runner up was Jeffrey Conrad 304, Division 3 Gross was won by Bruce Cavanaugh with 403, runner up was Gerry Lawson 406. Division Nett were Joe Sacco 312 and Neil Bull 321.

Men’s Daily Comp saw Div. 1 won by Caleb Bovalina 283 followed by Ben Kerr 295, Div. 2 was won by Robert Burns 300 followed by Denis Garner 304. Div. 3 went to Joe Sacco 312 r/up was Bruce Cavanaugh 315. NTP’s went to Michael Cooper 2nd, Ross Sidebottom 17th.

Ladies Club Championship – Stroke saw Bobette Wilkinson the winner with great scores of 82,84,85, 251. Runner up to Bobette was Petra Wilmot who had 88,88,87, 263. Division 2 winner was Robyn Conrick 95,102,91, 287. runner up was Michelle Purtill with 102,95,98, 295. Division 3 went to Elizabeth Quick with 109,106,98, 313. r/up was Denise Baldwin 109,107,105. 321.. Ladies Net Results Were Division 1 Anne Beveridge 78,72,75, 225. Runner up was Julie Penny with 72,80,74, 226. Division 2 Nett was Robyn Conrick with 73,80,78, 231. r/up was Sharon Pyle 73,80,78, 231. Division 3 Net was Elizabeth Quick with 79,75,68 222. r/up was Denise Baldwin 79,77,76. 232.

Editorial by Jim Williams.