26th – 31st May 2020

26th – 31st May 2020

June 1, 2020 Golf Results 0

65 ladies played Stableford on 26th May with Division 1 going to Lynne Parry with 35 pts Sue Pappas was  second on count back..Division 2 went to Jean Sommerville with 36 pts..Runner up went to Nola Whiteford who had 35 pts..Division 3 was won by Robyn Taverna  with 35 pts followed by Cheryl Hart with 34 pts..Ladies Gold winner was Mary McMahon with 37 pts..

27th May saw 113 men Playing Stableford on the Presidents Course with Division 1going to Paul Olsen with 41 pts Runner up was Graeme Filippe with 40 pts..Division 2 Winner was Alan Dalton with 38 pts..Runner up was Phillip Tribolet with 31 pts.. Division 3 was won by Ray Bailey with 39 pts  Runner up was Peter Quirk with 35 pts Division 4 went to Alan Haddrell with 41 pts Runner up was John Harmer

 39 pts..Mens Gold winner was Walter Atkins with 37 pts followed by Laurence Rickard with 36 pts..

Saturday 30th May saw 46 Ladies playing Stableford with Division 1 going to Janyce Brown with 39 pts followed by Susan Bull with 37 pts. Division 2 was won by John Burns with 33 pts followed by Faye Miller who had 32 pts..

78 members played Stableford on Saturday with Division 1 going to David Purtill taking the win with 38 pts..Runner up went to Paul Olsen with 36 pts..Division 2 went to Matthew Whelan who had 38 pts followed by Michael Keen with 37 pts…Division 3 was won by Liam Purtill with 38 pts Gerry Lawson took Runner up with 37 pts.. Mens Gold Winner was Allan Penny with 18 pts..

On Sunday 31st  we  had 8 Ladies playing Stableford with Cheryl Hart with 39 pts. Runner up went to Olivia Thompson with 35 pts.

82 members played Stableford on Sunday with Division 1 going to Shane Halloran with 40 pts followed by Greg Brooks with 37 pts. Division 2 went to Davin Wilson who had 40 pts Ricky Bourke was runner up with 39 pts..Division 3 went to Gerry Lawson who had 36 pts..Graham Owen took runner up with 35 pts…. Mens Gold Winner was Laurence Rickard with 27 pts..

The final of the Global Accreditation  Mixed Foursomes was played on Saturday  winners were John  and his daughter Olivia Thompson taking out the final 3 & 2 from  Paul and Heather Aston….

Editorial by Jim Williams..