3rd – 8th June 2020

3rd – 8th June 2020

June 9, 2020 Golf Results 0

Wednesday 3rd saw 104 Men playing Stableford that saw Division 1 going to Colin McNamara with 40 pts..Runner up was Michael Taylor  on 39..Brian Morgan was the DIVISION 2 winner with 41 pts Ross Clark had 39 pts..Division 3 was won by Bennie Benbow with 35 pts Peter Quirk was runner up with 35.. Division 4 went to Michael Caiman with 34 pts with runner up going to Alan Leggate with 33 pts.. Gold winner was Allan Penny with 28..

Saturday 6th June  saw 56 ladies playing Stableford  (both Courses)with Division 1 winner going to Lynne Parry with 37 pts..Allison Southwell was runner up also with 37 pts.. Division 2 was won by Pauline Gilbee with 37 pts followed by Noeline Duncomb 35 pts..Division 3 was won by Olivia Thompson with 34 pts followed by Robyn Benbow with 33 pts..

121members played Stableford on both Courses with Division 1 going to Luke Taylor with 40pts.Runner up was Malcolm Hart with 38 pts. Peter Webb was the Division 2 with 39 pts followed by Ross Clark with 35.. Division 3 went to David Duncomb with 36 pts..Luke Blair was the DIVISION 4 winner with 42 pts Lindsay Bright was runner up with 37 pts.. 

26 Ladies played Stroke with Division 1 going to Karen Buyer with 73..Division 2 went to Lisa Maxwell with 73 pts..

Monthly Medal Mens was played on Sunday  with Division 1  Stroke gross  going to Lachlan Aylen with 74..Division 1 Net went to Mister Tyers with 67. Runner up was Ben Kerr with 73.. Division 2 Gross sent to Brett Shaw with 88..Division 2 Net was Ross Graham with 72..Runner up was Brett Shaw 73..Division 3 Gross went to Mark Goodall with 92..Division 3 Net went to Mark Goodall..Graham Owen was runner up with 71..Division 4 went to Alan Michalowsky with 100..Nett winner also went to Alan Michalowsky 75.. Runner up went to Michael Caiman 75.. Mens Gold went to Douglas McClelland with 81..

Monday 8th June saw 23 Ladies playing Stableford with Division 1 going to Karen Buyer with 73..Division 2 was won by Lisa Maxwell with 73

38 members played Stableford with Division One going to Michael Cooper with 38 pts..Division 2 winner was Liam Purtill with 37…Mens Gold winner was Allan Penny with 31…

Editorial By Jim Williams